Why you should buy from here.

Why buys photos from Chobir Baksho?

People who are working in the creative industry especially creating brand stories online and offline. They will understand how difficult it is to get an authentic Bangladeshi image to tell the brand story. They often rely on photos searching on google or they end up using Indian photos. It is always identifiable an Indian street or an Indian model. Chobir Baksho is the first-ever online stock photo marketplace to solve this problem. We are building a local marketplace for photos yet promise to maintain international standards. 

As the countries’ first independent agency for stock photos, we offer photos from a large number of photo collections. We are working with photographers to provide photos that can serve you properly. We have a dedicated team to look out for market demand, whether Eid or Pohela Boishakh Chobir Baksho is the perfect place to get perfect photos to tell your story.